This article is for all the Facebook fans who are out there. Facebook is a social networking service that has been the biggest revolution in technology for a long time. So today we have brought you to about another revolution related to this FB platform. We are sure that many young people will be excited to hear this hot news. The tool is FDownloader and what you do with it is Download video from Facebook.  Just reading the name, you might have got an idea about the function here. So stay with us till the end. 

For beginners, an all-embracing explanation about FDownloader

Have you ever tried to download your favorite videos directly from Facebook? The answer for most people may be no. FB does not allow users to download videos offline. Some may not even have heard of such a thing. Downloading videos directly from Facebook has been impossible for so long. But now, FB fanatics can download their chosen videos easily and quickly from FB. You no longer need to save videos and watch them on Facebook. With, FDownloader tool you can download video from Facebook. This tool is super-effective, fastest, and completely risk-free. 

Technological information 

The specialty of this simple tool is, completely free for users. So you can get your favorite videos without expenditure. We can surely say that this is a completely free tool forever. You can download videos with a high-quality experience. This amazing app has a simple and user-friendly interface so any person can use this easily and without much technical knowledge. I think you guys would be more and more excited if the best part was too late. The best part is you can download any videos directly from FB with a simple one-click method. Literally, this FB video downloader has a one-click method. So try this easy and comfortable tool quickly.

The next step is how to download video from Facebook

Lucky for you, this tiny app is a well-designed app to download Facebook videos and photos of exceptional quality. Although this tool is surrounded by many advantages, it is very easy and simple. Get the best-loved videos on smartphones with their compatibility through iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android. This program united any desktop through Windows, Mac, Linux, and Tablets. You can open Facebook video downloader from any web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, CM, Dolphin, UC, etc. This smart tool always works in a very supportive frame. 

Fortunately, FDownloader is very easy to support without the need for add-ons, extensions, installations, or subscriptions. Facebook does not allow users to download videos offline and get them on the device's memory card or hard disk. So you need a reliable third-party tool to go ahead. So meet the genius video downloader from Facebook and do what you set your mind to. It is free, super-fast, easy, and undebatable.

Brief chapter guide to downloading this smart app

If you are searching for a reliable way to download FDownloader? Now you have a trusted way to do it. You can download this tool on our official website. We can highly recommend that users can easily download this smart app on our website. You can get it on your PC or Mobile. To download video from Facebook, you can choose the easiest way. 

For PC

  1. Firstly, visit Facebook from the PC
  2. Search your beloved video from Facebook
  3. Select the video and copy the video link
  4. Now go to the video downloader from the browser and paste the copied URL into the input box
  5. Hit on the “DOWNLOAD BUTTON”
  6. Now you can see a preview of the video of which under you will see “Download SD Video” and “Other Formats” and the download option again
  7. In as little as a second, your file will download automatically
  8. Hit the right option and continue with the download

For mobile 

  1. Open Facebook from the mobile app or browser
  2. Search your favorite video from Facebook
  3. Select the video; pick the option “share” from the right bottom
  4. Share to option and find the “copy link”

By following these guidelines you can download videos from Facebook at the speed of light. 

Excited features for beginners and experts

As we mentioned before, we can easily and fastly download FB videos with this perfect tool. This program provides mega benefits for all FB addiction worldwide. 

  • The most valuable thing is this app is completely free and easy
  • You can download high-quality videos and images directly from FB
  • It has a plain one-click method
  • This app has a clean and user-friendly interface. So anyone can use this easily
  • Fastest download speed
  • Receive continuous updates

Happy ending

FDownloader highlights FB value more and more. With this app, you can Download video from Facebook directly from the Facebook platform. So get this app, download videos, and share them with your friends. Happy downloading!